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World Development

Portrandi means "Gateway to Divinity" in an ancient language that gave birth to the more "modern" Celestial, Infernal, and Abyssal tongues. Portrandi is also the name that mortals gave the world in which they live.


The Beginning - The Creator made the world and the races and a single city for each. He created EverRealm and wrapped the world around it. He then sent his avatars down and initiated a challenge through subterfuge for people to find the path to EverRealm

Sinking of Hadoz - A titan destroyed the city of Hadoz after being insulted by the local population. The hadozee fled on their ships, never looking back.

Bleeding Tree War - A violent war between zern and killoren armies spread through the dark forest. Transia is sacked and destroyed, but Killoria is lost to the zerns. Though the zerns went into hiding, their abominations and experiments continued on in Killoria. The spirits of the killoren melded with the forest, giving birth to the first treants.

Sea-Shore Famine - Darfell was destroyed when a strange plague that struck the waters around the city and killed all the marine life. At the same time, the lands took to sickness and crops were wiped out. Animals retreated from the area, and so the darfellans were forced to leave in search of food.

First Ogre War - Ogres ransacked halfling lands, taking the halflings as slaves. Approached for help by the halflings, the widdershin took too long to get involved, and the war has ended first.

First Gods - Two competing parties of adventurers found their way to EverRealm at the same time by joining together in the last moment. These nine people became the first gods and found a stone tablet in EverRealm with instructions for them.

Draconic Broods - Chromatic dragons began a gradual build-up of troops, including many half-dragons. Seeing the increasing opposition, the metallic and gem dragons follow in suit.

Great Crusade - Aasimars began a war of righteousness against evil. Goliaths acted as shock troops. They captured Doppel, Mortentia, Tief, and Sharak. Doppel continued as an open city, but Tief, and Sharak were looted and abandoned. Mortentia was taken by a titan. Illith was razed, being considered too much of an aberration to allow it to remain standing. In the aftermath of the war, the illithids went underground and stole Boulder from the stonechildren. Many of the stonechildren were taken as slaves.

Earthquake - A magical zone appeared in the city of Aven, spawning a massive earthquake that caused a part of the continental shelf to collapse, taking the city with it. The large shift of land caused a Tsunami that struck Spira, doing significant damage.

Destruction of Mith - Black dragons destroyed Mith in retaliation for the goliaths' participation in the Great Crusade.

Second Ogre War - A new race of ogres showed up, led by what became known as an ogre titan. These ogre magi captured Og and slew or ejected all non-ogres from the city. This was the end of halfling slavery under the ogres.

Lost Mountains Massacre - Mountain giants teamed up with a group of pirates and slaughtered much of the population of Gno. The gnolls flee to the hills and the pirates took control of the city.

Dragon War - A massive Green army set out for conquest and the gaining of new lairs. Centrus and Fauna were destroyed. Also, in retaliation for their lack of aid during the First Ogre War, the widdershin were attacked by a flight of white dragons, ridden by halflings. The city of Monashin was destroyed. Panic spread and adventurers took up arms against all dragons. The yuan-ti were taken to be dragon-kin and were attacked by fanatic armies. The city of Siljin was razed and the yuan-ti retreated below the city to begin rebuilding. Black and Red armies went on the offensive, scouring the countryside. Blue armies began to spread their domination of deserts to ones other than their home. Metallic dragons rose to the defense of the people and fought back against the chromatic dragons. Bronze and Copper armies beat back the encroaching Green. Brass took to flight against the Blue. The Silver army destroyed the skulk city of Togrim, ending the skulk's time as spies for the Red army. The Gold army recruited emerald dragons and together they destroyed the city of Red. Seeing the gem dragons get involved, the chromatics pulled back, but the cities of Green, Blue, and Brass were razed before the fighting ended.

Storm Giant Civil War - Two factions of storm giants developed over the centuries, ones who like their ocean home, and others who wanted to rule over land. A civil war fueled by mighty storm giant wizards led to the destruction of Sestra and the shattering of much of the sea bed

Lupin Tragedy - The Alpha of Lupa contracted a strange new disease, turning him into a werewolf. He spread the disease throughout the royal household and further. A revolution took place as the untainted Lupins attempted to destroy the infected royalty. Lupa was destroyed in the process, but the Alpha escaped.

Burning Hills War - After centuries of fighting with the firbolg, the mirbolds teamed up with a titan and destroyed the city of Fir. The titan, looking for more destruction after the battle was over, turned on the mirbolds and sacked the city of Mir.

Purple Worm Invasion - A pod of purple worms ransacked the Southeastern Western Hemisphere. The city of Kreen was among the casualties.

Birth of the Dragonborn - A cult discovered a magical process that converts a person into a draconic creature, dedicated to good. They were initially untrusted, but gained a reputation as they championed justice and aided the needy.

The Tempest - An elemental tempest of titanic power appeared over the city of Trog. Caught unprepared the city was destroyed. The tempest crossed the Naphic and Extulic Oceans and struck Nosep. The magical power of the spellscales was enough to fend off the storm, but not defeat it. It continued across the Rollonic Ocean and struck the city of Uld. The glacial shelf was shattered and the city was buried under ice.

Northern Ice War - A power hungry frost giant Jarl gained control over Polaris and began a war of conquest. Coming into troll lands, the giants destroyed Triliak. They also came into conflict with green dragons and the mountain giants. After a severe defeat in the Lost Mountains, the frost giants retreated back to their homeland.

Fomorian Plague - A mysterious plague infected the populace of Fomoria. The fomorian giants abandoned their city.

Hill Giant Civil War - The city of Rolakis was destroyed after waring clans of hill giants raised armies to fight each other. After the war, the hill giants' power was fractured.

The Kraken - The Kraken appeared in the Winric Ocean and attacks Oceanus. The undefended city was turned to ruins.

Southern Avalanche - A massive avalanche of rock and ice flowed down the Frozen Mountains like water and swept over the city of Et, burying it.

Blizzard of Sekon - The desert city of Sekon was mysteriously struck by a year-long arctic blizzard with constant snow fall and hurricane force winds. The sun giants fled the area and the city was erased by the storm.

Illumian Civil War - A blood feud between illumian cabals led to open warfare in the streets and halls of Illum. Magic got out of control and the city burned to the ground. With the loss of the libraries of Illum, most of the knowledge and history of the world was tragically lost.

Avatar Wars - Fiends took over Tief and used it as their base of operations in the world. Celestials started appearing all around the globe. The planar battle between good and evil spilled into the material plane. People assumed the gods were fighting and religious fervor led to more blood-shed.

The Spira Project - Fearing encroaching war, a powerful group of gnomes experimented with creating a weapon of unseen proportions. An accident in the final stages of their work resulted in a massive explosion that leveled the city and left much of the island contaminated with a strange disease.

Time of Change - At the start of the Time of Change, the gods went silent, still granting power but no longer answering prayers. This was followed by the collapse of magic, which led to the fall of the Magecrafters. Out of the chaos rose the Brass Mercenaries and the Sapphire Knights, world-spanning armies seeking wealth and glory. Then, the majority of the gods abandoned mortals, leaving a great void. Nations collapsed with the shift in power and trust. Five new gods joined the original nine, and began a new age.

The Storm Dragon - Created by the Storm Giant King Helazad Thunderstrike, a massive dragon bone golem was given life through powerful magic and began a rampage of distruction. Laying waste to cities, including razing the city of Mir-Anik, home to the Tik-Ani race. It took the Chosen of Balm, an heroic group of adventures, combining forces with the Servants of Jaringan and the dwarves of Sandbreak, to bring the beast to heel in the Ghost Swamp.

Night of the Golden Comet - A comet burning with golden flame passed across the sky and fell to Portrandi on the city of Musgil. All other racial cities of the world, whether ruined or living, vanished over night. What appeared as a magical plague also spread that night, forming a new race of people. The full consequences of that night are still being determined.

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