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Starting Characters
Characters are created using a point buy system that uses 28 points, each attribute starts at a score of 8 (before racial modifications), and then can be increased at a cost of 1 point per +1 to an attribute score, up to +6 to the attribute score, and then 2 points per +1 to an attribute score, up to a maximum of +10 to the attribute score. Characters have gold (per chart on p135 of DMG) to spend on any equipment. The maximum value of any single item is limited by character level squared times 200gp. Keep any gold you don't spend. Characters should be LG, NG, CG, LN or N alignment. You'll be playing the "good guys".

Advanced Characters
Every 4 levels, characters get 2 points to spend as per the point buy system (without the limit of +10) rather than +1 to a STAT.
Prestige classes are formed around groups of people, and if you don't learn how from that group, you can't get into the prestige class. For this reason, prestige classes will be limited to what can be worked into game play.

Character Alterations or Replacements
At any time (such as after character death) you can make a new character and I'll work with you to get it into the next game. If you don't like your current build, lets talk and I'll help make your character enjoyable to you. Game mechanics are not as important as enjoyment. Character replacements are most likely going to be a higher level than the starting characters. They should be built as per the starting character rules above, and then advanced to the appropriate level.

For all the normal languages there is a type, which is the general language. There then can be regional or racial dialects. For example, you could have "draconic", "black draconic", "dwarven", and "iron mountains dwarven". There is a lot of overlap between dialects, so with effort most things can be understood by knowing one of them. In addition, rather than having a common, it is called "trade", which also leaves room for regional trade dialects, such as "underworld trade" and "sea trade".

You can take feats that you don't qualify for, but you can only use them once you've met the prerequisites. All clerics gain a bonus weapon proficiency feat in the favored weapon for their deity. Wizards gain the eschew materials feat to replace the scribe scroll feat at first level.

Feat Change: Improved Buckler Defense (Complete Warrior pg. 100)
This feat may apply to one of either the two-weapon fighting style, or the two-handed weapon fighting style. The style must be chosen at feat selection. This feat may be taken twice to gain applicability to both fighting styles.

Magic Items
Magic items are created through a process that is protected by a closed guild of NPCs, the Magecrafters. There are standard magic items, per the DMG, and there are those made specifically for an individual as an extension of their being. Creation of magic items requires significantly less time than in the book, but has the same monetary cost. The number of hours to create a magic item is equal the gold * 876 / 100,000 plus 15 hours. Days are typically 12 hours of work. To take an existing magic item and soul bind it, the time is 1 hour per 1000 gold value, but there is no special cost. Weapons and armor prices are based on medium size values and they resize to fit the characters just like rings and other magic items.

Magic items can be "upgraded" to increase the bonuses or effects on them as per standard rules. In addition, soul bound magic items can have special materials added to them as an upgrade. For example, a soul bound chain shirt +2 could be upgraded to be a soul bound adamantine chain shirt +3 for an additional 9700gp. Soul bound magic items and standard magic items can not be "upgraded" into the other type (e.g. necklace into headwear, or longsword into bastard sword). A maximum of 6 magical effects can be on any one non-epic magical item. Increasing the size of an item's natural form costs 300gp and takes a day. Unbinding an item can be performed by really skilled Magecrafters and costs 20% of the item's market value and takes a day. Changing materials uses the new material costs plus 15% of the material costs and takes a day.

Soul bound magic items require the presence of sentient beings to retain their magic. The essence of a character is extracted, then that magic essence is formed into a usable object. This means that these magic items are only quasi-real objects that are manifestations of a character's being. Only weapons, and items that take up body slots can be made into soul bound magic items.

The character chooses whether to manifest soul bound magic items or not. This will make it nearly impossible to lose or be separated from them. If a weapon is disarmed, it dissipates and becomes unequipped. If a weapon is sundered, it dissipates, becomes unequipped and must be repaired to be manifested again. Soul bound magic items can not be thrown unless it has special powers to facilitate its returning to the user. Detect Magic can be used to see whether slots are filled by a magic item that isn't manifested.

When a soul bound magic item is first created it becomes the currently equipped item (barring unusual circumstances). Any time an equipped item is exchanged with another item, manifestation takes as long as normal (ex. move equivalent for a sword, many minutes for armor) and provokes attacks as normal. Manifesting one or more already equipped items can be done as a move equivalent action that doesn't provoke attacks of opportunity. A character with a BAB of +1 or higher can combine manifesting a weapon with a movement action. Dissipating soul bound magic items can be done as a free action.

As a replacement for the XP cost for spells, special material components are to be used that are directly applicable to the use. This will be worked into game on a case-by-case basis. Also, when purchasing scrolls of spells that require XP costs, the cost of the scroll is increased by 20 times the XP cost.

The power to raise the dead is extremely rare. Spells with this effect lower than the 7th level do not exist. Lesser Resurrection is available at 7th level which always has a "resurrection mishap". True Resurrection is available at 8th level, which has a 50% chance of a mishap. Greater Resurrection is available at 9th level and has no mishaps. Use the table "Resurrection Mishaps" on page 80 of Heroes of Horror.

The Gods
Worshiping a god is not required. There are a total of 60 gods in the current pantheon, but the following nine are the chief gods and are the most widely worshiped gods in the world:
Balm Neutral Air, Earth, Fire, Water
Dirj the Green Neutral Animal, Plant, Scalykind, Sun
Jahnian the Free Chaotic Neutral Balance, Luck, Protection, Travel
Jilis the White Neutral Good Glory, Good, Healing, Renewal
Morn the Silent Chaotic Neutral Dream, Knowledge, Oracle, Magic
Nar-Ikvar Lawful Neutral Death, Deathbound, Mysticism, Pact
Nurbias the Craftsman Lawful Neutral Law, Community, Craft, Creation
Sazia the Dark Neutral Evil Darkness, Evil, Hatred, Trickery
Wick the Fierce Chaotic Neutral Chaos, Destruction, Strength, War

Prestige Classes
A number of prestige classes are altered to fit appropriately into this world. There are also a large number of new prestige classes. The changes are as follows:
Old Class New Class Changes / Description
Apostle of Peace (BED 51) Apostle of Peace Only worshipers of Femola.
Blighter (CD 23) Blighter Only worshipers of Dahjihai.
Celestial Mystic (BED 55) Celestial Mystic Only worshipers of Jilis.
Champion of Gwynharwyf (BED 57) Holy Rager Only worshipers of Lamtorak.
Church Inquisitor (CD 26) Truth Seeker Only worshipers of Sangiban.
Defender of Sealtiel (BED 58) Holy Defender Only worshipers of Ruminis.
Disciple of Asmodeus (BVD 57) Disciple of Tyranny Only worshipers of Binesius.
Eye of Gruumsh (BW 31) Bloody Claw Only worshipers of Xilmor.
Fist of Raziel (BED 63) Fearless Sword Only worshipers of Stalnor.
Hold Warden (CC 84) Green Warden Only worshipers of Dirj.
Ordained Champion (CC 90) Ordained Champion Only worshipers of Wick.
Paragnostic Apostle (CC 94) Paragnostic Apostle Only worshipers of Yixima.
Radiant Servant of Pelor (CD 52) Radiant Servant Only worshipers of Haijisa.
Sanctified One of Kord (CC 99) Crusader Zealot Only worshipers of Victothus.
Sanctified One of Olidammara (CC 99) Favored Shade Only worshipers of Zolfrin.
Sanctified One of Wee Jas (CC 99) Grey Elite Only worshipers of Nar-Ikvar.
Shadowspy (CC 105) Light Twister Only worshipers of Pheron.
Skylord (BED 71) Skylord Only worshipers of Heimeus.
Stormlord (CD 65) Stormlord Only worshipers of Omethis.
Swanmay (BED 76) Aquarian Only worshipers of Tolondar.
Temple Raider of Olidammara (CD 67) Ordained Raider Only worshipers of Desela.
Thrall of Demogorgon (BVD 67) Ascendant Thrall Only worshipers of Erimeth.
Thrall of Graz'zt (BVD 69) Lie Caster Only worshipers of Gorhal.
Thral of Orcus (BVD 71) Death Shaper Only worshipers of Gil.
Troubadour of Stars (BED 79) Troubadour of Stars Only worshipers of Iomilia.
Vermin Lord (BVD 73) Vermin Lord Only worshipers of Talwerian
n/a Architect of Terror Only worshipers of Ledorian.
n/a Ascendant Soldier Only worshipers of Urdak.
n/a Black Circle Only worshipers of Canluth.
n/a Black Hunter Only worshipers of Vormalis.
n/a Black Rose Only worshipers of Sazia.
n/a Bounteous Farmer Only worshipers of Redomel.
n/a Brother/Sister of Freedom Only worshipers of Jahnian.
n/a Confirmed Redeemer Only worshipers of Pariontor.
n/a Contemplative of Sands Only worshipers of Morn.
n/a Dark One Only worshipers of Malgondis.
n/a Deep Guard Only worshipers of Xolphiris.
n/a Destructive Eye Only worshipers of Qolgorital.
n/a Disciple of Purity Only worshipers of Kupria.
n/a Divine Arcanist Only worshipers of Chihare.
n/a Divine Entertainer Only worshipers of Merran.
n/a Divine Pilot Only worshipers of Norral.
n/a Elemental Councilor Only worshipers of Balm.
n/a Ferryman Only worshipers of Avalon.
n/a Fist of Law Only worshipers of Dizga.
n/a Golden Squire Only worshipers of Cilinda.
n/a Granite Legionnaire Only worshipers of Kolinbar.
n/a Howling Knight Only worshipers of Zirdanat.
n/a Mire Adept Only worshipers of Inunallah.
n/a Motherly/Fatherly Guardian Only worshipers of Anadil.
n/a Oasis Guardian Only worshipers of Faiisbar.
n/a Ordained Anarchist Only worshipers of Kazt.
n/a Patron Lord Only worshipers of Egrolius.
n/a Red Flame Only worshipers of Exolindius.
n/a Relic Smith Only worshipers of Nurbias.
n/a Soul Binder Only worshipers of Whenastil.
n/a Tiderider Only worshipers of Opherus.
n/a Trail Blazer Only worshipers of Holontier.
n/a Transterrogator Only worshipers of Yillik.
n/a Wylder Only worshipers of Demos.

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