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The Jungle Realm

The Jungle Realm
The Kingdom of Neldir is the most significant aspect to the Jungle Realm, other than it being covered in dense rain forest, of course. The Attawail runs from the fortress of Source until it decends into the Underworld near Yilsevik. Many Aasimar, Elves, Goliaths, Giants, Dragons, Centaurs, and Lizardfolk call this region home.
Jungle Realm Region

Roads of the Jungle Realm: Jungle Pass Road goes through the heart of the jungle, providing and important travel and trade route to the South. Westreach Road does the same for the Naphic coast, and also heads up to important trade city of Dragonbreach. Sunbeam Highway is a well protected road between the center of the kingdom of Neldir and Smitestone Castle. North of Smitestone, however, the road becomes Raider's Road, named because of the continual problems with thieves there.

Rivers of the Jungle Realm: At the far North is the Sandwall River, providing a border to the Northern Desert, but the main river of the region is the Attawail River. This river runs from the hot springs near Source through the jungle until it decends into the Underworld near Yilsevik.

Terrain of the Jungle Realm: In the North, the Stonefist Hills are riddled with giants that are often engaging in skirmishes with the dwarves of Lagurno. To the East is Hoofwyld Forest, an ancient wood where even the Centaur inhabitants tend to avoid its heart. In the South likes a large depression created when a meteor struck the ground, creating The Bowl. Fire giants rule over this area, hording over its unusual and rich mineral deposits.

Civilizations of the Jungle Realm: The Jandaath are a tribe of goliaths that have lived in the hills for centuries. Fanta's Meadow is a halfling village and wagon train, situated on a forty-acre piece of meadowland adjoining several farms in a rural area populated by other races. Lagurno is a very closed dwarven community made up almost entirely of the Stonefist clan. Long ago, Smitestone Castle was run by an aasimar royal blood line, but has since become the home of a cult of dragonborn, with peasants flocking to them for protection. The town of Westwall is a fishing town that maintains an important trade route. The village of Lilton is covered in large jungle lilies much of the year. The fishing village of Gextra acts as a way point for travelers. The major city of Attawail is the heart of this region and as the capital city is also home to the King of Neldir. The elven village of Astra keeps to itself, but has always had problems with green dragons. The village of New Eldattan is mostly a clan of widdershin that named their new home after the far away one they came frome. The village of Fenclaw is home to catfolk that seem to be of a black panther variety. An aasimar baron calls the village of Colteer home. The peacful town of Stump is a mining town that works under the Fireforge giants.

Points of Interst of the Jungle Realm: Crimson Rock is an ancient sacrificial site used for appeasing the green dragons of the forest. Deephollows is a subterranean complex controlled by kobolds. Years ago the small village of Balcress was haunted by a merciless killer, who has continued to haunt the village well after death. Dartakoth lairs in the swamps to the South, and is a black dragon of epic power. Wastri's temple is an ancient ruin to a long forgotten god, presumably Wastri. At the Rainbow Spire, a well hidden ziggurat, it is said the ancient couatl reside. Vyerbirsh is an ancient red dragon that claims the tallest peak in the region as his own. The ruins of Baderdon was a flourishing town before it was destroyed during the Dragon War, blasted so badly that there is still an inherent electrical charge in the ground. Daggerspite Castle is another set of ruins, destroyed druing a territorial war ages ago, and with giants in the area, there hasn't been any concerted effort to rebuild it. The ruins of Shelter were destroyed hundreds of years ago, but was an elven town for early settlers of the area. The town of Yilsevik is home to criminals and lizardfolk, but they keep close eye on the pathway to the underworld nearby. The castle of Coldbreeze is populated by strange and powerful creatures of the elements, and they like their privacy. Source is a keep by the hit springs that feed the Attawail River, which although long ago was held by soldiers of Neldir, it is now home to the yuan-ti. Fireforge Castle is home to the Fireforge family of fire giants that claim domain over The Bowl.

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