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The Holy Arm, Holy Armpit, and Southwest Goblin Jungle

Holy Arm Region
The Holy Arm
The Holy Arm is a tropical region that extends from the Lific Sea into the Planethic Ocean. The arm itself is the domain of the Aasimar kingdom of Aasim, but it immediately abuts the Goblin Jungle and the kingdoms of Hob and Gob in a region known as the Holy Armpit.

There are fourteen recognized kingdoms in the immediate area. The largest is the Aasimar capital kingdom of Aasim, which extends 2500 miles across an area referred to as the Holy Arm. The kingdoms of Celest, Lumis, and Mercis are also Aasimar kingdoms, remains of the Great Crusade. In stark contract are the Hobgoblin and Goblin capital kingdoms of Hob and Gob. The goblinoid kingdoms of Himt, Khil, Nub, Hest, Gor, Gar, Gik, and Goob are ruled by rival tribes that have a tendency to unite against outsiders.

The area is mostly covered by deciduous forest, much of which is jungle. A ridge of mountains, called the Divine Ridge, runs from the tip of the Holy Arm, down its length, and encircles the basin where Hob resides. The thick jungle on the eastern end of the Divine Ridge that continues south to the coast of the Lific Sea is the Goblin Jungle. East of the jungle is a circular depression known as the Southern Desert.

The Holy Armpit
Where the Holy Arm region connects to the mainland is locally referred to as the Holy Armpit. It is oppressive in temperature, terrain, and politics. Other than the goblins in the area, the world has mostly forgotten this area.
Holy Armpit Region

Castle Divine: Seat of power for the Divine Province, Castle Divine is the only castle in the region.

Crost: One of the largest goblin towns in the area, and the absolute largest in southern Gob. This is where the Glum River empties into the Lific Sea.

Eastern Keep: The fortifications of the Eastern Keep would make it a castle if it had a civilian populace around it. This keep is the throne of the Margrave and the foothold of the kingdom soldiers in the Holy Armpit.

Fort Brym: Fort Brym is a wooden stockade fort that acts as a military outpost against the goblin hordes.

Gree: The jungle village of Gree is built into the trees and nestled over quicksand pits. This is home to the Ik'tik clan.

Hin'rik: Hin'rik is built out of caves and is home to the Skale clan, said to have the blood of dragons.

Hok'tra A port village in the Goblin Jungle, Hok'tra is home to the Hok goblin clan. The goblins here are some of the few sea-faring goblins in the region.

Longway: Half way between Eastcamp and Marcott is a small outpost called Longway. A tavern, a general store, and a farm house are the only buildings here, and there are only two families resident.

Lost Tower: Destroyed by raiders more than a hundred years ago, the battle of the Lost Tower was a turning point in the fight to drive the goblins out of the kingdom of Aasim.

Marcott: A small industry town on the edge of the Goblin Jungle, Marcott is sunken in poverty and corruption, but the residents don't know any other way.

The Obelisk: Built on a rise above the rest of the land around it, the Obelisk is only partially hidden by the forest. This haunted spire is avoided by all the locals.


Overview: The town of Marcott lies on the edge of the goblin forest, on the coast of the Lific Sea, within the kingdom of Aasim. There is a single road that leads northwest, with small settlements every fifty miles or so along the road, primarily for replenishing kingdom soldiers. The town is very small, with a wooden stockade to protect it from goblins raids. Buildings are made of wood with glass windows. Most metal supplies are made from dog iron, a poor iron ore found in deposits in the sand. There are two competing glass makers, one that is better at making panes of glass, and the other that is better with curved containers. In an isolated section of the town is a small cornseed tree monkey farm which raises the monkeys to be exotic pets for export.

Climate and Terrain: This area, where the Holy Arm region connects to the mainland is locally referred to as the Holy Armpit. The climate is hot temperate. The land is fairly flat with a large area of everglades. Summers can be oppressive with temperatures up to 120 degrees. Winters rarely produce snow, with it not normally getting below 45 degrees. The winter is the wet season. The ground is mostly sand, with occasional rock outcroppings where dog iron can be found. Insects and lizards are everywhere. Snakes, alligators, and panthers are the most dangerous animals on land, with sharks and poisonous jelly fish common in the sea.

Government: Each town in the area has a Baron that claims ownership of the land the town is on and commands the local garrison of kingdom soldiers. Marcott is ruled by Baron Jekler Marcott. The coastal towns and villages of the Holy Armpit are collectively ruled over by Countess Leslie Divinia as the Divine County. The area around the southern wetland forest and south to the sea is the Eastern Province, and falls under control of Margrave Rillitar Simlatio who is charged with running the kingdom soldiers in protection of the kingdom against goblinoids, pirates, and other threats from abroad. This, and other provinces in the area are ruled from afar by Duke Jeffrey Holden.

Law is strict and divine right is often used as reason for unpopular decrees. Things are run officially by Aasimar noble houses as a patriarchal society. After the Great Crusade the area diversified with other "good" races making home in the heart of a "good" society. It has been many centuries since then, and corruption has made its way into much of the bureaucracy. Slavery has been instituted as a means of punishment and social "justice". There are increasing gaps between the five social classes: noble, upper, middle, lower, slave. Above all others are the royal house of Aasim who have become mostly inactive in the kingdom.

Within Marcott, Baron Marcott has absolute control. He is both law maker and chief executor. Countess Divinia has never visited the town, and what happens here seams to be out of view of the rest of the kingdom.

Populace: There are two upper class families, the Shroud and Losliani families, who live off their fortunes and influence over the merchants. The merchants Exem Feldic (aasimar glass maker), Jiknik Gror (catfolk glass blower), Silvoria Elderbranch (elf exotic animal dealer) are the entirety of the middle class. Most of the population of 43 are lower class folk consisting primarily of farmers, ranchers and lumberjacks. There is a single inn called the Seaside Pillow, which has 4 rooms and caters primarily to sailors. The Monkey's Claw is the sole tavern, with a second story for private engagements. There is no temple, though a weekly mass to Jilis is held by the town well. A couple of times a year, groups of slaves arrive by boat and are put to work in the fields or jungle.

Military: There are a total of 10 kingdom soldiers stationed in Marcott led by Captain Wanik (aasimar soldier). Their primary functions are keeping the peace and protecting against goblin raids. Goblin attacks happen a few times a year usually during the height of winter when they need food, during the spring when they are most sexually active, and midway through harvest when raiding is the most profitable.

A single ballista is maintained for protection against pirates, though there hasn't been an attack by sea in a very long time.

Organizations: There are no unions, organizations, or groups recognized in Marcott. Kelik Meatcleaver (dwarf retired adventurer) is said to maintain connections to former allies overseas.


Overview: The village of Hok'tra lies on the boarder of the Goblin Jungle, on the coast of the Lific Sea, within the kingdom of Gob. The village is home to the Hok goblin clan, run by the clan chief. In true goblin fashion, there are no typical exports, and imports are things that the clan grabs during raids. The close proximity to the kingdom of Aasim and the sea provides opportunity for these raids.

Climate and Terrain: The Goblin Jungle is a hot and humid rain forest with the wet season of Winter leading to flooding and increased disease spreading. The area is a mixture of soft hills and sharp cliffs, all covered by thick growth. Due to the levels of water and the sandy soil, quicksand and and bogs are common. Many colorful and dangerous animals, plants, and insects make home here including anaconda, vulture parrots, and thorned grabber plants.

Government: The kingdom of Gob is ruled by Highlord Greenbeard XIV. Under his command are legions of goblins, hobgoblins, trolls, and ogres, including the Greenhide Guard which are the kingdom police. The village of Hok'tra is home to 13 Greenhide Guard that maintain a life line back to the city of Gob. The village is otherwise run by Chief Hicktard, head of the Hok clan. All adults are trained in soldiering and are part of the village militia.

The law is hazy and subject to the whim of the chief. Once per week the chief presides over court and passes judgment, often resulting in dismemberment and devouring by the clan. On lesser matters, the tribe's shaman, Glux, holds strong sway and is given leeway to issue decrees as long as they aren't during court or in contrast to Hicktard's say.

Populace: There are five classes in goblin society in the kingdom of Gob: the royal family, the clan chief families, the shamans, the soldiers, and the rest. There are also slaves, but those don't even factor into the social structure normally. Within each class, might means right, so it is usually the bigger and stronger that take control. Unlike the hobgoblins that rely entirely on physical strength, the goblins also rely on cleverness and magical power. The Highlord himself is said to be a powerful sorcerer.

In Hok'tra, it is only the shaman Glux and his apprentice Filk that have magical power. There are two farmer families one that raises crops and the other that raises livestock. When not raiding, the militia deals with hunting and fishing. Slaves are sometimes used for manual labor, but usually it is just easier to keep them in cells until they die.

Military: Marshall Pung is the head of the Greenhide Guard and maintains law and order in the village. Captain Se'muk leads the goblin fleet, which consists of rafts and row boats. There are thirteen Greenhide Guard stationed in Hok'tra, but usually 3 are in transit between the village and the capital. There are 38 other trained raiders and sailors in the village.

Raids on nearby settlements in Aasim take place when food is low, when they are doing harvest, or when blood is high. It is during these raids that the fighters get fresh gear for future raids.

Organizations: The Greenhide Guard are royally mandated soldiers and police, that although only of the soldier class, they have a tendency to throw their weight around.

The Elementals are led by the shaman Glux and are an unusually mixed race group. Though the shaman and his apprentice, Filk, are the leaders, this group has strange influence as members of the shaman class.

The Seamen are a group of militia actually trained in boating. These sea dogs make connections with pirates and are a rare breed of goblin that enjoys the water.

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