Maps and Lands of Portrandi

An Adventurer's Look

World View of Portrandi

Water World
This map was discovered after communing with a powerful water wierd. It present the map in mage's mind until he later transferred it magically to canvas. While not useful for details of land, it helps highlight the major water ways of the world. I've magically reproduced this map from the original canvas painting, and have enscribed commonly accepted names for the six oceans and ten seas.
Water Ways of Portrandi

Terrain Map of Portrandi
World Terrains
This map combines the readily accepted map of the word with the locations of the most historically significant terrain bodies.

Significant Geopolitical Boundaries
This map is an overlay of the world's most influential and longest standing political bodies, at least those that claim land. Most of the world is covered by small city states and kingdoms of the week, and with the influence of powerful adventurers, they change too often to try to keep track of.
Major Geopolitical Boundaries

Burning Arm Region
The Burning Arm
Most consider the Burning Arm to be inhospitable, but may ancient cultures call this branch of desert their homeland. The Sand Giants, Sun Giants, and Aasherati are the oldest civilizations here, but many migrants have moved to these desert wastelands and mountains.

The East Coast
The reference to this region being the East Coast is a Western mentality. Because much of the most hospitable lands in the world lie in the Western hemisphere's body of land, there is a tendancy for names decided on by the Elves, Dragons, Orcs, Hobgoblins, and Illumians to become common parlance.
East Coast Region

Tropic Plains Region
The Tropic Plains
The Tropic Plains are a great flat land, bordered by some hills and jungle, and marked on the North and South sides by great rivers. These plains are the homeland of the Catfolk, who's city Fenin is the most signicant mark in this region.

The Kingdom of Neldir is the most significant aspect to the Jungle Realm, other than it being covered in dense rain forest, of course. The Attawail runs from the fortress of Source until it decends into the Underworld near Yilsevik. Many Aasimar, Elves, Goliaths, Giants, Dragons, Centaurs, and Lizardfolk call this region home. Jungle Realm Region

Holy Arm Region The Holy Arm is a tropical region that extends from the Lific Sea into the Planethic Ocean. The arm itself is the domain of the Aasimar kingdom of Aasim, but it immediately abuts the Goblin Jungle and the kingdoms of Hob and Gob in a region known as the Holy Armpit.

Spinning Portrandi Globe

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